Cosmetic Dentistry


“A smile is your best business card”. This well-known sentence should really be taken seriously because it is scientifically proven that a smile is the most important element in facial aesthetics.

A smile is not only related to aesthetics, but also to emotions. If you are unsatisfied with your misaligned or dark teeth, probably you will not feel comfortable smiling and this can bring bad consequences to your relationships and to the way you are seen by others.
On the other hand, a beautiful and natural smile has the power to increase one´s self esteem and life quality. This is why we believe that investing in a dental treatment means investing in health and well-being.
There are many techniques and materials to improve your smile.
If you have dark teeth this problem can be solved with a tooth whitening. This treatment does not wear or leave your teeth fragile, because it´s like a cleaning made inside of the teeth, by a chemical process that breaks big molecules of pigments, and, as a consequence, bleaches teeth.
And if one or more front teeth are misaligned or have color problems, you can do porcelain restorations such as veneers or crowns.
Old silver restorations can be replaced by composite or porcelain, which have the same color as natural teeth. You can read about these and other options to improve your smile in my blog.

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