Dra. Lia Alves Schinetski, PHD

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Excellent qualifications and continuing education to offer you effective outcomes

  • Graduation: UNESP (2001)
  • Masters and Doctorate Degrees: UNESP (2003-2008)
  • Occlusion and TMJ Center at UNESP (2002-2006)
  • Visiting scientist at Biomaterials Department, University of Florida, USA (2007)
  • Post-graduation in Sleep Medicine, UNIFESP (2012)
  • Post-graduation in Pain (Concentration area: Orofacial Pain), USP (2014-2015)

Our Approach

More than a dental clinic, a place to feel good

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Everybody wants to have a beautiful smile. A smile makes the face brighter. And they know that it is fundamental to go to the dentist regularly to obtain it. But often this dream is postponed because of the fear. And even when this barrier is overcome, some doubts can remain concerning the need or effectiveness of the treatment, and it increases the sensation of insecurity.

Because of this, we think about every detail to make every person comfortable and safe from the beginning until the end of the treatment.

From the selection of imported teas available, through the special welcome in the first appointment, with the explanation of the diagnosis and proposed treatment, step-by-step, until the actual treatment, with technical excellence and state-of-the-art, which only

those who have a solid qualification in Brazil and abroad can provide, everything was conceived to make the patient completely tranquil and achieve the objective of a healthy and beautiful smile.

We also understand that it might be difficult to seek medical and dental care in a foreign country. The language can be a barrier and lead to misunderstandings. That is why accurate communication between patient and health professional is important. It helps proper diagnosis, patient compliance and better outcomes.

“I am passionate about Dentistry and committed to patient comfort and great outcomes. Every patient is an individual sometimes with doubts, sometimes fears and always special needs. I do everything to be sure that my patients feel good in my clinic and that they are always satisfied with the results.”


Comfort, Punctuality and Exclusivity

The clinic, located in the “Pátio das Américas Building”, in Jardim Aquarius, a nice area of São José dos Campos, has a beautiful and welcoming atmosphere, to offer the patient a pleasant experience. We also have complimentary parking lot in the building.

The appointments are made with British punctuality, because we know that time is too valuable to be lost in clinic receptions.

We use modern equipment, for efficient treatments and to offer what is best in dental procedures and in sterilization of materials.

Come to share a British tea or a coffee with us and discover our professional and exclusive way to work.

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Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry

“A smile is your best business card”. This well-known sentence should really be taken seriously because it is scientifically proven that a smile is the most important element in facial aesthetics.

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Orofacial Pain And TMJ Dysfunction

TMJ Dysfunction

Pain in the mouth or face is very common, but, often, people who suffer from this problem don´t know a professional who is a specialist in this area, able to provide a treatment that really relieves the pain.

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Dental Sleep Medicine

Dental Sleep Medicine

Have you been told you snore? Do you feel sleepy or irritated throughout the day? Have you been experiencing trouble concentrating or memory lapses? If these symptoms describe your situation, consider being evaluated for sleep apnea.

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What we offer in our clinic

We also offer in our clinic a multidisciplinary treatment, with a team of dentists specialists. They are all highly qualified: specialists, Masters and Doctors.

Areas of practice for dentists in our team:














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(Português do Brasil) Andrea Ferreira

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(Português do Brasil) Adriana Samico

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(Português do Brasil) Olívia Costa

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(Português do Brasil) Fernanda Shimabukuro

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(Português do Brasil) Neusa Maria

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(Português do Brasil) Poliana Kishi

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(Português do Brasil) Fabiola Overrath

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(Português do Brasil) Lea Consuelo

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(Português do Brasil) Maria Cristina Novo

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(Português do Brasil) Cristy Turushima

After much research on dental aesthetic treatment, I decided to make an appointment with Dr. Lia. I was very satisfied and confident for the professionalism and competence that she presented from the beginning. Beyond competence, you are an extremely human person. I want to thank Dr. Lia and her wonderful staff for the transformation they have made through my smile. The result was fantastic !!! Thank you.

Cristina Galvão

More than a professional!" When I entered Dr. Lia's office, I felt very comfortable and very safe. I found her at a time when I did not see any solution to the aches and pains that I felt with ATM. Today I have a quality of life! Thank you Dr. Lia for the affection, attention and excellent service !!!!

Natalie Borges

From the time of the appointment, until the actual service, I was very well assisted. Dr. Lia is extremely punctual, explains all the procedures in a clear and practical way. It is clear that she loves what she does and so she does very well. I was 100% satisfied with the work I was given. I calmly point out the work of Dr. Lia and her team to my friends and family.

Patrícia Prado

I did the laser whitening and it was wonderful !!! I have to say that Dr. Lia was perfect, as I had already done (actually tried to) laser bleaching with another dentist before, and I did not support the pains and I stopped the treatment. When I looked for Dr. Lia and told her about my experience, she explained everything to me and was extremely careful, and with all the procedures she used, I was able to clear my teeth with the comfort of not feeling absurd pain ... my teeth are very sensitive, but Was very bearable. I loved the result!

Tânia Leal

"I looked for Dr. Lia in a last desperate attempt to resolve my grave case. I had been through two previous medical appointments where both professionals told me that the only alternative to my case was a very invasive and extremely expensive surgery. My ATM dysfunction was already greatly affected, the bones flattened, the disc folded and out of place. He had earaches and could hardly chew food anymore. However, shortly after some consultations with Dr. Lia, the placement of the Jig and the plaque; My problem was healed. I do not have any more pains, I can easily chew even harder foods, I do not have cold sores in my mouth because I tighten at night and I feel very satisfied. I am very grateful to Dr. Lia and I commend her to all patients who have problems with TMJ dysfunction. "

Paula Lyra

From adolescence on, I began to notice that I was very sleepy, but recently I discovered that discouragement and tiredness could occur as a result of apnea. What surprised me was knowing that I could treat her not only with the help of an ENT doctor, but also with a dentist. In my case, the dentist Dr. Lia gave me a lot of confidence and clear explanations so that I understood the apnea and how the treatment would help me. It was very easy to adapt to the intra-oral device, only in the first week I had a mild discomfort, but now I realize how much better I sleep. When I do not use this appliance, I wake up tired and have less disposition during the day. Knowing the apnea and this treatment with the intraoral device has enabled me to improve the quality of life.

Mayara Freitas

Dr. Lia is a generous person, coherent and always attentive, always shows good will to help everyone. Such a person can only be an excellent professional. It was a relief to me when I started using the ATM card. From the first night the plate fit like a glove and my sleep has improved a lot. Now I am doing whitening, she is super careful and expert in the subject. My smile is getting brighter and brighter. Fear of a dentist? With Lia I do not even remember that I'm at the dentist. I close my eyes and I KNOW that I am in good hands, I simply surrender. Thank you, dear Lia! Namaste! "

Renata Machado

"Dr. Lia Schinetski is an excellent professional, demonstrates a lot of knowledge and confidence in the treatment of her patients. The results achieved in my case were the best possible. Besides, he's an excellent person and knows how to captivate patients with his sympathy. "

Paulo André

"I'm from São Paulo I arrived in São José dos Campos at the end of 2010. I needed an otorhino, who, due to my complaints, told Dr. Lia to check if I had any TMJ dysfunction. Since then I am a patient of Dr. Lia: I use a plate to sleep and never felt any more pain. I do everything with it, including laser bleaching. Competent professional, with an office equipped to assist patients with comfort and safety. "

Mônica Arena

"I did a polysomnography where the apnea was detected and a friend who already used intra-oral device for the same problem advised me to look for Dr. Lia. I took my exam result and she explained to me in detail what the intra-oral appliance was and how it would help me solve this problem. I started using it and I adapted quickly to it, and the result was noticed the first week. Some points that improved and that I can quote are: I stopped waking myself up choking, my wife did not hear more snoring, I get more rested because probably without even noticing I had interrupted sleep at night. I have no doubt that this device is an efficient and working device. "

André Savio

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